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Mom’s Night Out

This is a group  for women in our parish and even outside of our parish who are looking for an opportunity to grow in their relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and have fellowship with other mothers trying to do the same. This is not a group that requires you to add more to your plate of obligations, but a group to give you more strength to hold your plate stable.

We provide a place for mothers to share in their struggles and triumphs of daily life.  This is for mothers of newborns all the way to mothers of children who have their own families, or even women who hope to be a mother one day.

We meet once a month, on the first Tuesday of every month. We will be reading the book “The Friendship Project” and will be discussing one chapter at each meeting.  And we have childcare available!

So lets get together as women and as mothers to grow closer to Christ.


Ministry not active at the moment

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