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What to Expect in SD – SDI article

The Ministry of Spiritual Direction

Having a safe, grace-filled environment in which to give voice to the inner stirrings and doubts of one’s soul is profound.


Why Should I consider Spiritual Direction? 

  • You have a desire to deepen your relationship with God

  • You are facing an important decision or discerning a call

  • You are feeling distant from God

  • You are facing transition in your life

  • You are involved in ministry with the Church

  • You feel like you are stuck or at an impasse in your life

  • Your Prayer life has changed or is arid


Pope Benedict XVI on spiritual direction: 

  • The Church has always recommended spiritual direction

  • Spiritual direction is for every Catholic who desires to live out their baptism

  • Those who are called into a substantive relationship with Christ need a spiritual director

  • A spiritual director can help the directee avoid self-deception and the limits of their own wisdom/experience


From Pope Benedict’s General Audience held 9/16/09 and again 5/19/2011 in his address to the Teresianum


The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that God desires to communicate His life to us (CCC 1). A spiritual director listens with sacred presence and attends to the entire person. A spiritual director offers a gentle, non-judgemental and confidential place of welcome. A spiritual director helps point out the mysterious activity of God that often goes unnoticed in a life. Spiritual direction is the fine art of sacred listening to the soul journey of another.


Spiritual Direction is NOT:

  • Pastoral care, counseling, psychotherapy or any other kind of therapy. We will never try to “fix” you.

  • A dependent relationship where the director holds all the wisdom and “tells you what to do”.


God is active in your life! Come to spiritual direction ready to be still and listen to the truths of your story as God reveals Himself through the everyday happenings of your life.


If you would like to learn more or make an appointment with one of St. Mary’s formed spiritual directors, please contact them directly.

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